App Architecture Platform creates applications the way regular developers would do. The application you create has the same components as any other professionally created application.

To push and pull data from DB created application uses business processes (BPs). A business process can call other business processes in order to process data.

BPs can be called by the scheduler (for time scheduled actions) or by an endpoint (API call). To manage multiple tasks like access control, data filtering and etc there is middleware attached to the endpoint. Some modules like authorization (Users & Groups) supplies middleware for endpoints to manage access (authorization).

Endpoints form REST API for front-end applications and external systems. API documentation is automatically generated and stored in an OpenAPI (Swagger) format inside of the generated backend. While all API is tightly integrated inside Designer components and not require any manual adjustment, external systems usually require API to integrate.

Mobile Apps Adapter is a state of art real-time engine converging existing endpoints with mobile applications design into UI and Data Streams for deployed mobile applications. To make things simple - Mobile Apps Adaptor takes your endpoints and your app mobile design and delivers it to your mobile application to render interface and data in a realtime with no visible latency. This approach gives you plenty of features to adjust your app design and data with no republishing to app stores required.

Every piece of the backend, including compiled Mobile Apps Manager, Web Applications and Swagger are packed into a single binary. Binary can be compiled for various operating systems - Linux, Windows, MacOS with various CPU architectures - x86-32, x86-64, and even ARM.