What is AppMaster.io?

Create enterprise-level applications without a single line of code

AppMaster.io is a new generation no-code platform, designed to help users create even sophisticated backend, web, and mobile applications without a single line of code. Everything in AppMaster.io can be done via the web interface. One of the primary distinctions from any other platform - AppMaster.io creates software the same way as software developers do: under the hood, the platform generates perfect source code (yeah!) for every application, builds binaries, and manages the deployment.

AppMaster has several fundamental components to build the ultimate applications:

  • Create your data models with a visual designer

  • Enable appropriate modules for the most common business cases

  • Adjust automatically generated admin panel (Web Application) with prebuilt components like tables, text inputs, and buttons

  • Design your mobile applications

  • Publish!

AppMaster isn't just a prototyping platform, though – we take care of a lot of the pesky features that modern applications tend to require, like custom business logic, endpoint configuration with middleware, working with data models, and many more.

AppMaster.io Cloud Apps

Cloud Apps is an AppMaster's advanced technology to create and maintain fully native mobile applications with no requirements to republish them to update UI, logic, or content (see more)

AppMaster's apps are easy to deploy with advanced deploy management: to AppMaster Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, your company's servers, and even your PC!