Working with Screens
Screens are a crucial part of every mobile application in AppMaster. To create a new screen click "New screen" button on the left side of the designer.
There are multiple types of screens that can be created. Every screen is designed for its own case and implements its own visual style and logic. Please find below the list of general screens available.
Screen type
A standard list screen, designed to render a list of the same type of data. You need to design only one basic element and it will be populated with real data from your backend.
View screen is designed to render one piece of data - usually one record or a card. Ideal for detailed viewing of one element.
Grid screen is designed to implement a grid-like render of elements. Gird is a variation of the list screen, but with a horizontal dimension. Same idea behind grid: create one element and all records will be rendered in the same way. There is no horizontal scroll, only vertical.
Map screen is designed to work with the map (what a surprise!). Use this screen only if the map will be the crucial part of your screen, if not - use the view screen with the map widget.
Breadcrumbs List
Breadcrumbs List is a variation of the List Screen, but with the ability to group items and breadcrumbs for navigation.
Bottom Nav
Bottom Nav screen is designed to implement the bottom menu. Usually, this is the most popular screen to create the main navigation of the app. Up to 5 buttons maximum.
Tabs screen is designed to create a tabs-like structure where every tab is a screen.
Modal screen is designed to implement a modal screen to show some temporary information to the user.
Bottom Sheet
Bottom sheet is a screen, very similar to the modal screen but with the ability to scroll out and down. Bottom sheet has a minimized state as well.
Sidemenu screen implements the left side menu with the ability to create an almost unlimited count of menu items.
There is a special type of screen - supplied by modules. If at least one module with new screen types will be enabled - these screens will be in the end on the new screen dropdown.
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