Do you think AppMaster Studio is the right fit for you and your needs?
Let's go through some tips to start your onboarding.

Create an account and start exploring AppMaster Studio

There is nothing easier than getting started with AppMaster. To start exploring:‌
    Create a new account at AppMaster Studio or sign in with social.
    Create a new blank project with a wizard or choose any project from existing templates.
    After creating the project, wait for the first publication of your new project will be finished and start exploring!

Congratulations! You created your first project!

You've been invited to join a project?

If you were given an invite link
to join someone's project, you can start collaborating with the team you've just been invited to.
    Follow the link from the invite email
    Create a new account at AppMaster Studio or sign in with social.
    Open shared project and you can now collaborate with your team!

Project overview

As soon as you start a new project or join an existing one, start acquaintance with AppMaster Studio.
Project Overview screen

Take AppMaster.io 101 Tutorial

The course is designed for beginner no-code developers. It examines the main features of the platform using the example of creating a small application.
The course is in English, there are EN and RU subtitles.

Присоединитесь к сообществу AppMaster.io

Тут вы сможете напрямую пообщаться с нашими разработчиками и другими ноукодерами.
Join the AppMaster.io community
Here you can communicate directly with our developers and other np-coders.
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