2.0.46 GA Release - 06/21/2021


  • A lot of stability fixes and improvements across the platform

Business Processes:

  • More than 50 new business process blocks added! 🤓

2.0.15 GA Release - 05/12/2021


  • New global type "TimeSpan" for time measurements

  • Added Clone Project, Clone Web Application, Clone Mobile Application features

Business Processes:

  • New blocks MakeTime, MakeDate, MakeDate&Time, ExpandDate, ExpandTime

  • Static and Default Values fixes

  • Ctrl+Z support (beta)

  • Automatic Type Validation (beta)

Data Designer:

  • Canvas out-of-boundary clicks fixed

  • Context menus fixed

  • Project switch bugs fixed

Web Applications:

  • Fixed invalid form fields render with custom endpoints

  • Field Data Decorators (beta)

2.0.11 GA Release - 05/02/2021


  • Stability Improvements

  • Multiple performance fixes

  • Project ownership transfer between accounts

Business Processes:

  • Improved validation of Variables connections

Mobile Applications:

  • New Trigger onForbidden to catch access denied responses

  • Added Skeletons support (beta)

2.0.0 GA Release - 05/01/2021

🎉 Finally, we have our new version released and ready to serve our customers: v2 is here!

Important changes and improvements:

  • New Business Process v2 editor with blueprints style

  • New Mobile Applications Framework for IOS and Android with advanced reactivity

  • New Mobile Applications Designer v2 with a completely new look and features

  • Backend codegen upgraded for Go 1.16 support

  • New home page with better UX

  • Updated modules hierarchy (dropped basic support modules)

Changelog for versions below 2.0 is available in the archive.