Deploy plans

To automate the process of building and delivering applications AppMaster has an extensive deployment mechanism.

For every project, you can create an unlimited number of deployment plans. Every deployment plan describes how your project needs to be deployed:

  • Deployment target for backend server (target server or cloud)

  • Environment type (Development, PreProduction or Production)

  • Domain name

  • Additional options and architecture (for custom plans)

To start a small project you need at least one deployment plan. Actually, the first plan is automatically created with every new project to be able to publish development versions of your new app.

The best way to do application development is to have a least two deployment plans. One for development and the second one for production. Once you will reach the desired milestone with your project development, you can deploy the same version to the production plan and continue development iterations using dev plan. This will not affect your existing users.

For more details check the Deployment Section of this documentation.