Users and Groups

Users & Groups is a standalone module designed to implement user management, group management, authentication, authorization, users signup and related functions. This module is enabled by default and we recommend not delete or disable this module.

Module Settings





Admins, Users

List of all user groups across application. You can add new groups to configure user privileges granularly. Remove user groups with extreme caution because some business processes and components can be dependent on it.

Session timeout


How long the user's session will be active without activity. After the timeout, the user has to login again.



Allow users signup and get accounts in your application.

Signed-up User Active


This variable defines the default state of new users after signup. By default, all users become active after signup. If you want to approve every new user manually, set variable to false.

Signup groups


List of groups where the user will be a member after signup.

Confirmation required


Email confirmation required

Data models

  • Users

Business processes

  • Login

  • Logout

  • Signup

  • Get profile

  • Create user

  • Edit user

  • Delete user

  • Get user

  • Search users


  • Authorization

Disable authorization for any endpoint

If you need to disable authorization for any route - disable U&G middleware in the endpoint properties. Delete the U&G module only if you don't need users and groups functions at all.