Creating a Project
To create a new project use the upper left application selector menu and click the New project button. The new project wizard will be opened immediately.
The new project wizard consists of a few simple steps to quickly create a new project. You have 2 options to start from a blank project or start from one of the available templates. Starting from a blank project is a good option for advanced users while starting from a template is ideal for beginners.
During step 2 you need to enter the name of your new project and description (optional, recommended). The project name should be descriptive and short enough to perfectly fit in many places from automatically generated headers and titles to documentation.
If you started with a blank template on step 3 you can choose the required modules. Note that the authorization module (Users & Groups) is mandatory at this step and can be disabled after initial project creation.
When the wizard finished you can navigate to the desired page using the left many to start designing your application and its components.
If you just created an account you will be automatically redirected to the new project wizard. There is a button to create a new project on the My projects page.


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