2.0.46 GA Release - 06/21/2021

    A lot of stability fixes and improvements across the platform
Business Processes:
    More than 50 new business process blocks added! 🤓

2.0.15 GA Release - 05/12/2021


    New global type "TimeSpan" for time measurements
    Added Clone Project, Clone Web Application, Clone Mobile Application features

Business Processes:

    New blocks MakeTime, MakeDate, MakeDate&Time, ExpandDate, ExpandTime
    Static and Default Values fixes
    Ctrl+Z support (beta)
    Automatic Type Validation (beta)

Data Designer:

    Canvas out-of-boundary clicks fixed
    Context menus fixed
    Project switch bugs fixed

Web Applications:

    Fixed invalid form fields render with custom endpoints
    Field Data Decorators (beta)

2.0.11 GA Release - 05/02/2021


    Stability Improvements
    Multiple performance fixes
    Project ownership transfer between accounts

Business Processes:

    Improved validation of Variables connections
Mobile Applications:
    New Trigger onForbidden to catch access denied responses
    Added Skeletons support (beta)

2.0.0 GA Release - 05/01/2021

Finally, we have our new version released and ready to serve our customers: v2 is here!

Important changes and improvements:

    New Business Process v2 editor with blueprints style
    New Mobile Applications Framework for IOS and Android with advanced reactivity
    New Mobile Applications Designer v2 with a completely new look and features
    Backend codegen upgraded for Go 1.16 support
    New home page with better UX
    Updated modules hierarchy (dropped basic support modules)
Changelog for versions below 2.0 is available in the archive.
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