Data Models Designer

Data Models Designer - is the main tool to create data models, model properties (fields), and relations in your project. To create data models go to the designer canvas and right-click on the canvas free space to get the context menu. In the context menu click New model.

Once the data model is created, a few system data fields are created inside. ID, CreatedAt, UpdatedAt, and DeletedAt are mandatory fields and designed to track the data model's records lifecycle and changes. You cant rename or delete these fields, but can use to build business logic and UI.

To create a new field inside of the data model press the + button at the bottom of it. In the opened modal window type name and choose the type of new field. List of all types available here.

To create a relation between two models draw a line from the border of the first model to the second model. To edit relation left-click on the connection between models.