Working with modules

Modules are an important part of any project. Modules usually consist of predefined data models, custom business logic, custom code, preconfigured endpoints, UI components, integrations, and much more.

The main purpose of the modules is to speed up development and minimize the time required to implement common tasks. There are plenty of modules, designed by the team and many more are coming.

Once the module enabled, the platform will import module files to your project and make the initial setup. However, many modules require the initial configuration to be made by you. Good example - email integration module, where you need to configure mail server name, login and password. Without the mentioned information module will not work as expected. It is good practice to check the settings of all installed modules.

Deleting or disabling the module will prevent the module from working inside of your project. Deleting the module will result also module's data and settings deletion.

Potential data loss

If any module supplied data models for your project, the data models and all its data will be deleted upon module deletion. Please double-check that your data is safe and you have a backup prior to deleting modules from your production project.